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Another update on my progress in learning the basics in Blender. Note: I transitioned to 2.8 to avoid having to relearn new key and mouse settings once the update is finalized.

Here are the tutorials from which I’m learning, organized on Pinterest.
I’ve featured two I specifically mentioned at the end of the post, though I used concepts learned elsewhere, too. 

Playing around with the concept of designing tiny worlds … 
Things learned:

  • Don’t bake the hair. Trust me. This is the reason the forest looks a “bit” overgrown.
    (Also, I never knew this phrase would come out of my mouth. Love it!)
  • Adding a touch of emission to your water creates interesting effects.
  • Tiny points of light help identify the focal point in darker settings.
  • Light, light, light, light, light! Maybe focus on lighting tutorials first, before even building anything.

Closeup of Tiny World #1 - byKarenReneeTiny World #1 - byKarenRenee


Alien Landscape Tutorial – my version

I made my own texture for this tutorial, also.
Things Learned:

  • Mid-grey is your friend.
  • Blurred shadows and highlights are better for displacement.
  • Pure white/black will force you to severely limit the effect in the settings.

Alien Landscapes - byKarenRenee


Finding my style:

After fooling around with tutorials for a week or so, I decided to see whether I could design something closer to my own style. I think I’m onto something here, and am looking forward to refining what I learned for a SECRET project I’m working toward. Totally secret. Nobody even knows the project exists. Yup … SECRETS … are where it’s at. You can ask me anything and nobody will ever know. That’s how secret this secret is.

Things I learned:

  • Keep track of surfaces and mesh. They can easily twist, bend, invert, and so forth … causing random side-effects.
  • Mirror isn’t always your friend, especially if you split a complex object. See the first image, which I had to abandon because I could no longer edit it without causing random problems elsewhere. The second attempt went better since I stayed organized, though obviously I changed the design a little.
  • Light and backgrounds make a huge difference…. as you can see in the e-card I made for a friend.

Stage One Character Design - byKarenReneeStage Two Character Design - byKarenRenee