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Note: Tutorials are linked after the post. 
I’m sharing tutorials, results, and any other thoughts on the blender software learning process here, mostly to keep track of progress.

… AND possibly motivate me to keep studying … one can dream!

This is my first-ever attempt to design something in Blender.

My ultimate goal is to turn my 2D art into 3D elements, and possibly animate them. Step one: make a mug. Yay!

Tutor4u creates clear, step by step tutorials. I found this one simple to follow.

The next day I discovered that this tutorial was made with an earlier version of blender. It turns out there is an easier way to create the cup interior which I learned about in the next tutorial, though this system will be useful when I want to use the extrusion process for creating interiors that don’t align with external dimensions.

Things I need to learn:

  • How to smooth bulges and gaps between connection points. I didn’t line up my handle properly, resulting in odd lumps where it connects to the mug. (I craftily hid the problem by shifting the angle of the photo.)
  • How to slice off parts so they line up properly. This is an alternative approach that might be useful. I’ve seen hints that it’s possible. I’ll share it here if I find a decent explanation.

So … till next time … if there is a next time. Hah.