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Create Space to Be Yourself!

Find freedom from the expectations that entrap you.
Discover how to stand up for your needs
against the pressure of family, religion, and culture.

Learn to trust yourself through actual experience and choices
instead of merely dreaming about future success.

Ask a sample question about your current situation
or request information on email mentoring from Karen Renee.


Supportive of
LGBT++ | Rebels

Explorer of
Spirituality | Mysticism

If you have a growth mindset and always are looking for ways to improve yourself, you’ll enjoy working with me.

  • Become aware of your ingrained beliefs and life patterns.
  • Replace destructive habits with new, healing thought patterns and skills.
  • Eliminate false or limiting beliefs about yourself and your relationships.

We humans don’t neatly fit into the boxes and labels so many believe should define us. 

While most people come to me for help with a specific issue (confidence, relationships, self worth) the process can’t be restricted to just one part of your life. My approach tends to chase any problems into the various branches of your life which you may not realize are being affected. Constricting beliefs limit choices in every area of our lives; a healthy worldview opens new opportunities. I will help lift the pressure of unfair expectations and remind you of your strengths so you can claim more of the best opportunities available to you.

Learn how to maintain healthy personal boundaries without closing everyone out.

In the end, you’ll develop a custom set of practical social and inner tools you can use whenever life is difficult. You’ll also have a greater confidence in your ability to remain resilient in the face of old triggers, social rejection, and unexpected circumstances. Over time you’ll have healthier relationships because you’ll know yourself well enough to avoid many common types of misunderstandings. 

Why work with Karen Renee?

It took years for me to learn I already contained the key to the cage in which I suffered. Breaking free began with observing the true nature and real life results of the beliefs and relationships shaping the lock that confined me.

For me the bars were a soul-crushing marriage, friends who couldn’t see the abusive system that added to the destruction, and a rigid religious belief system twisted to enable “authority” to block my freedom to live with integrity.

I believed in the system, therefore it confined me.

For you the cage may be family expectations for marriage or education. It’s possible you’re struggling with painful relationship patterns. You might face social pressure to conform to crushing beliefs about gender identity and attraction. Or you’re frustrated, trying to “make the perfect choices” for success while all the various social or religious rules you’ve learned conflict with each other.

It can be hard work to shape healthy new beliefs and habits that will collectively create a life that avoids the trap of destructive expectations.

In the process of finding my own freedom I’ve also learned how to support people who are breaking free of constricting beliefs. I support them as they discover how to create a safe and free environment for self expression and following inspiration.

What does it mean to Create Space?

Here are a few aspects of Creating Space:

  • build relationships with those who appreciate you exactly as you are.
  • be curious, investigate whether constant questions can be more useful than clinging to any one answer.
  • consciously explore your fears and dreams, especially among those won’t judge you for them.
  • prioritize social experimentation, understanding that even painfully unexpected results are extremely educational.
  • review the past and present from alternate perspectives for additional experience and new insights.
  • learn to identify old wounds and notice the difference between accidentally bumping into an old pain vs. receiving a new injury.
  • gradually reshape your beliefs so you will think and react in ways that bring out the best in you.

Over time these habits gradually nurture your sense of self worth and the ability to notice the choices that fulfill you and create even better opportunities.

One of the most interesting parts of this process is that you will naturally develop gifts, skills, and a sense of calling you are best suited to invest in life.

One day you’ll no longer find yourself emotionally starved, bankrupt of energy, and trapped by expectations. Instead, you’ll learn to observe your resources and maintain a healthy budget and investment system for your energy and time … in the same way wise advisers recommend for finances.


I’d love to be your witness and support as you unlock a hope-filled future by creating a key that fits your own unique circumstances.

Would you like me to create space for you explore the freedom of being yourself?

You Will Receive:

one in-depth email response
a scheduled 45min – 1hr chat

Per Week

Additional emails, chats, and occasional phone calls are available for purchase as needed.


Why mentor via email & chat?

If you’re already into written communication and keeping journals this form of conversation will feel natural to you. Writing is widely known to be helpful both in healing and learning. You’ll find email mentoring most rewarding if writing out your thoughts and feelings is a relief instead of a burden. 

Combined with the constructive, encouraging feedback of the mentoring process, you’ll have a journal of your progress. Our email exchange creates a record to look back on and refresh your memory of all you’ve learned. This history is also a useful witness of the progress you will make. It can be easy to assume you’re stuck when you’ve actually come a long way over time. The change is easier to notice when you can read something you wrote in the past and wince over how oblivious you were at the time. You will then directly experience the validation of observing how much you’ve grown since then.

Writing also helps you to think through what you’re learning and notice the stories you’re telling yourself so you can train yourself to view your experiences from alternate perspectives.

Please do not ask to work with me if you’re not the type who habitually writes as a preferred form of communication. 

Those who communicate best face to face or via voice and video calls may prefer to work with someone else. I do offer these options on occasion, but only for friends and long-term clients or as a temporary support alongside a consistent written connection.

Why a monthly subscription?

You’re signing up for an ongoing, one-on-one conversation, custom designed to support your personal development and relationships. This is not a one-size-fits-all system. You’re not here for a quick fix that will fall apart the first time you encounter the unexpected, but for a safe space in which to develop the skills, boundaries, and insights that will strengthen you for a lifetime. You’re learning to open space in your life to be yourself in a variety of situations, and real-life experiences are where you will try practical experiments and test the results.

A subscription reflects commitment to this process. It can be difficult to fully think-through, experiment, apply, practice, and reshape habits around any changes that show up in your life. As your mentor I assist you in holding a stable, fully aware, accepting, encouraging space for reflection and vulnerability as you move through life experiences. This stable space will help you develop the ability to rest and also refreshes your energy to keep pressing on.

It is your own appreciation and recognition of the worth of our interactions that will sustain our connection. I will support you in working with me … and in moving on without me as well.

Important: You are in charge of your growth process, so you will be the one to decide when you’re ready to move forward on your own. If necessary, either of us can cancel the subscription at any time if you or I decide you will be better off working with a different personality or skill set. Unused weeks will be refunded.

My low prices are influenced by the belief that time is an essential part of growth. I considered how much an average person might spend on fast food, eating out, or coffee each week and set my prices around that level (even though life coach training courses strongly urge far higher prices).

I figure you’re basically trading in a few short-term luxuries in exchange for reliable support in developing a lifetime of rewarding habits, self confidence, and healthier relationships.

As an aside:  If my prices seem insignificant, feel free to pay me more than I usually charge so I can afford to take on more financially constrained clients (working students, single parents, LGBT++ without support systems, etc.) on a “pay what you can” basis. I currently only have one available slot for reduced pricing, already filled. 

What is your goal as a mentor?

I believe you learn to trust yourself through actual experience and choices, not merely hoped-for future developments based on information you’ve found, without real application. Most of your progress will occur between our conversations as you actually apply and practice new realizations, tools, and habits.

I want you to realize how powerful habits and thought patterns can be so you will see the value in altering them even in small ways.

My ultimate goal for you is to support you as you develop a toolkit of healthy skills, habits, and insights to bring into relationships, jobs, and every other aspect of your life. In the process, you’ll develop the ability to live out your healthiest self first, even during those times when it’s easier to fall back on old, self-sabotaging beliefs and reactions.

I look forward to the time when you will explain with enthusiasm how your new tools have become an instinctive first choice instead of requiring extra effort to remember. You’ll write to me and say, “I now have the reliable tools I need to handle this on my own!” and I will cheer for you as we end your subscription. 

My greatest reward is in seeing the people I’ve worked with thrive in their relationships and lives. 

How much time does email mentoring take?

You will arrive at breakthrough realizations early on. I focus on helping you give yourself permission to value who you actually are right now, and that usually feels like escaping a trap.

Actually living out of your true and best self habitually, and in real life interactions with others will take more time since there are often a lot of fears and false beliefs creating obstacles to that goal. We will work at your pace and customize the frequency of our interactions to fit each stage of your process as we go along. 

Email me as much as you want so I can observe your perspective through struggles and goals before the next email or scheduled chat. I read emails at least once a work-day, aside from scheduled breaks (and less predictable, but rare, interruptions). On the email-only plan you will receive one detailed response email per week. As a bonus, I might also reply with brief comments and suggestions or to ask clarifying questions. 

Frequency or length of emails may fluctuate according to topic or changes in routine–when you need more time to test or observe the results of a new habit or when either of our schedules is altered (by holidays and other important or unexpected events). So far clients tell me I far exceed my promises. 

Why don't you offer one-time appointments or short term packages?

I almost never schedule one-time or short-term calls, chats, and emails because most humans need time and the chance to observe the results of consistently applied choices to develop the habits that will truly alter the course of life. It’s easy to return to old habits even with new information in hand. It is in practical application and reflecting on experiences that a mentor is most useful.

Note: Previous clients are the exception. Even after you choose to move on from our work together, you are welcome to schedule occasional conversations with me as needed.

Quick fixes are appealing, but rarely enduring.

The promise that one call will make a lasting difference feels like tricks and lies to me. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

I’m sick of the suggestion that just one realization, conversation, system, or book will “of course” completely change your life and potentially eliminate your problems. Even ongoing conversations with me (oh, my!) are merely one component of a collection of experiences that will add up to real transformation, new opportunities, and a healthier lifestyle and relationships. Experience, wider perspectives, and practice are key.

I believe that the most useful, nurturing, and long-lasting skills and habits develop through consistent effort and consciously refining what works into even more useful habits. Just like with sports or programming, these life skills become solid, instinctive, and reliable through consistent application in a variety of real life experiences and emotional states, tested and proven so they’ll be reliable when life gets rough.

It is within our most frequent reactions and routines that we need to express the best of ourselves in order to claim lasting growth.

Inspiration and revelation are merely useful boosts to help get started.

When a quick-fix promise or an aha! moment fades it can feel like a crushing disappointment. Sometimes people even believe it’s “proof” that freedom, growth, and connection might not be possible (for me) after all. Those kinds of high expectations and crashes can end up sabotaging the steady process of reaching an otherwise fully obtainable goal of healthy relationships and a life of freedom. 

What I do as a mentor is consistently remind you to notice and rely on your strengths, gifts, skills, and inherent worth so you won’t self sabotage by giving up or relying on people who can’t see or accept you. It’s easier to accept the opportunities available to you when you remember you’re worthy of them. And then, I keep reminding you every time you forget … until it becomes a habit to remember on your own. 

A realization takes only a moment.
An ideal and a dream take only a breath. 
Creating the habits that will allow you to live out your realizations, dreams, and ideals in reality requires … time and practice.

Our interactions should function as a stable environment, designed to consistently support the development of freeing habits and perspectives,… not an unsustainable event that might drop a generic list of guidelines into your hand while passing. I choose not to hint at false promises by suggesting permanent transformation fits into a predefined box on the calendar.

Creating the space to heal and develop your strengths takes many forms. 

Thoughts from previous clients:

[Karen] is one of the people in which I have found my home, and I mean that as in “I, the entirety of me, feels safe with her,” which, for me, is saying a massive lot because I’ve never had getting close to people be an easy thing.

Instead of judging, she has a propensity to look for how to overcome; look for the grace in the situation. She’s gone through her share of soul-tempering situations…. Living takes grace because the hardships of life are not just something to bear, they’re a learning experience that can be just as beneficial to our personal growth as the good things.

Karen is one of my good things that help me through my hardships.


Thank you for being a part of my life and helping me through my triggers… you’ve honestly changed how I view the world and I’m a stronger person now. I’m really grateful for you.  Your approach and perspectives on the world and problems are so unique and effective. It comes natural to you. I’m happy that I’ve been able to give you business and build a relationship with you.


I felt like I had to open myself a lot and speak plainly, felt like I purged some things, like I puked a bunch of black stuff out of me. Sounds terrible but was very healthy. I’m glad you could draw that out of me-you have a very healing touch and presence.


develop the SKILLS to build healthier relationships

the STRENGTH to define your own identity

and the TOOLS to prioritize new habits

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