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Site Update & Goals

It’s time to have a blog again. Enough of all the grand expectations, business plans, limitations, and rules that have been holding me back. This is a place to share whatever interests me, from learning to edit videos and create 3D animations, to thoughts on why cultures around the world need more creative space, to short stories and dreams.

This is an old ink sketch that I recreated and edited digitally for this site.

I love that this image is confusing as art and as a site logo. We humans tend to expect life to make sense, but most of the time it doesn’t. We can fight it or go with the flow and adapt to “what is” as life surges through us.

As a result, we get to have our own perspective on everything.

What do you see? … or perhaps a better question … Why do you see what you see?

There’s a story in how we respond to the world around us, a history that affects the way we frame experiences. Life may be confusing at times and it doesn’t always make sense. Still, from my perspective there is always room for a creative path forward.

Who knows what I’ll do with this space … I certainly can’t imagine what might occur to me,… yet. Feel free to join the adventure.

Tools used for the featured artwork include pen on paper (a few years ago), ArtRage, and GIMP.
Digital edition © 2019 Karen Renee